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  Hi-Res. Long Range Night Vision Color Bullets

Need to see in Color, in complete darkness, and at distances greater than 100ft? 200ft? Well, you've arrived. While certainly not as small as the Bullets seen above, their size is a necessary evil. You see, the camera must contain and house enough Infrared LEDs within it for it to be able to transmit Infrared to distances of 120 and 200 ft. Infrared is like an invisible light - unseen to the naked eye. Generally the more LEDs the camera has, the farther it will see in complete darkness. In a nut shell, these cameras are packing! To start, they're a High-Resolution Color Sony 1/3" CCD, rating at 0.00 lux, with 420 lines! Naturally, they're weatherproof. As for the difference between the two? Aside from the price, the Color IR40 uses 40 LEDs which effectively allows you to see up to 120 ft. in total darkness. The Color IR84 uses (you guessed it) 84 LEDs giving you the ability to see up to 200 ft., while both automatically adjust to light changes! Folks, these particular models are high quality, offered at an incredibly low price and available only through us! 1 Year Warranty.
Includes: One Hi-Res Long Range Night Vision Color Bullet with Infrared and Sony CCD, power supply, 25 ft. coaxial cable and RCA/BNC connectors for hooking up to your VCR, TV or Monitor.  

Color IR40..............



Color IR84..............