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This camera is one of the most fexable PTZ cameras on the market. The unit can be mounted indoor or outdoor and comes with both the wall and ceiling mounts. The camera offers high performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom control and high resolution color pictures with low light capability (1 LUX). The camera communicates to the digital video recording system or DVR with a two wire connection which can be up to 5000 feet. A total of sixteen PTZ cameras can be connected to one EZWatch Pro 3.0 HD system with the NC-320AM interface card which is sold separately. Only one interface card is required for each system. The camera allows a user to pan, tilt and zoom to any view, 360 degrees. This camera does not support the Auto Touring feature in the EZWatch software. The camera is equipped with a high resolution 570 line resolution color camera. The lens is equipped with an auto iris, auto focus and can zoom 18 times optically and 12 times digitally. The camera operates on 24V AC power and the power supply is included with the camera.


*High resolution color 570 Lines
*18x Optical Zoom
*12x Digital Zoom
*Auto Iris
*Auto Focus
*360 Panning
*1.0 Minimum Lux.
*6” Housing
*RS 495 Two Wire Communication
*Com. Baud rate 9600
*Pelco P Protocol
*Built-in Fan & Heater
*24V AC Power
*Operating Temperature 0F to 122F
*1 Year Complete Warranty