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Outdoor, 200' day-color, 100' night-night vision with 6-15mm manually adjustable zoom lens. Get the perfect view every time. Rated "Best Performer" for exterior and outdoor security surveillance. The lens provides manual zoom capability allowing you to set the view of the camera to the perfect spot every time. Wall mounted. Perfect for loading docks, entry gates, back yards, storage yards, warehouse aisles, etc. This heavy duty infrared security camera is just whats needed for those long range video surveillance and security applications.

Camera Specifications:
  • Tamper Resistant Housing
  • Automatic Heater & Blower for Extreme Temperature
  • Wall Mount
  • 12v DC Plug In Power Supply
  • 480 Lines of Color Resolution (Day 200')
  • 480 Line of Black & White Resolution (Night 100')
  • 6-15MM Manual Zoom Lens
  • Auto Iris
  • 84 IR LED's